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Convenient DeliveryConvenient Delivery

Located in the Hunts Point Co-Op Market, we are well situated to deliver to inner city stores and warehouses, as well as longer distances via the highway system.

Next Day Delivery

Our fleet of trucks can deliver anywhere from Massachusetts to Virginia

Modern In-House Fleet

Our temperature controlled trucks are continuously monitored for proper temperature and we utilize state-of-the-art GPS tracking to accurately advise customers as to when deliveries will be made.

Proof of Delivery System

In 2014, Nebraskaland rolled out our technologically advanced and highly successful “Proof of Delivery” system, otherwise known as “P.O.D.” Our drivers have been trained to use the P.O.D. when making deliveries. The P.O.D. enables us to efficiently invoice, verify pricing, track orders and control inventory. By introducing the P.O.D., Nebraskaland is at the forefront of the industry and proud to say that we are the only meat distributor offering this advanced technology to our customers.

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Delivery Associates

Our drivers undergo extensive safety training and are compliant with all HACCP, DOT and cold chain best practices.

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